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Iran accuses West of using lizards for nuclear spying

Donald Trump is incapable of lying. Explanation to the paradox of a pathologically lying truthful Donald Trump.

Iran accuses West of using lizards for nuclear spying

Adviser to Khamenei says aid collectors for Palestinians sought to deploy reptiles whose skin attracted atomic waves.

Meanwhile back at home:

Trump caught senior spies with his own sting operation

President-elect Donald Trump described a sting operation he says he conducted after becoming infuriated by a series of leaks about his own classified briefings. When word got out anyway, Trump concluded it was the intelligence community who was putting out the information

Scientists Warn Of A New Ice Age.

Temperature Plummets to –60°C (-80°F) In Russia. Heavy snowfalls and cold temperatures across eastern and south-eastern Europe and extreme temperatures have gripped the entire USA and vast areas of Russia. The global warming appears to have been fixed by nature.

Truck driver mows down soldiers in Jerusalem

A Palestinian has rammed a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers visiting a popular tourist spot in Jerusalem, killing four and wounding at least 15 people, in a shocking copycat of the Berlin and Nice terror massacres.

Russians Ridicule U.S. Charge That Kremlin Meddled to Help Trump

Even Russians who have been critical of their government voiced dismay at the United States intelligence agencies’ account of an elaborate Russian conspiracy unsupported by solid evidence.

Fort Lauderdale Fla. Jihadi Killer told FBI that gov't controlled his mind

Esteban Santiago, the killer at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, told the FBI in November that the government controlled his mind and forced him to watch ISIS videos.

Germany’s Islamist Scene Growing: Security Chief

Germany's domestic security chief warned Sunday that the country's radical Islamist scene is not only growing, but becoming more decentralised, posing greater challenges to surveillance operations.

Red Cross: Britain's National Health Service in a “humanitarian crisis.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “This is a national scandal.” Britain’s NHS requires the support of the Red Cross to use Land Rovers to transport patients, the charity said on Saturday.

Germany's Gabriel says EU break-up no longer unthinkable.

Germany’s insistence on austerity in the Euro zone has left Europe more divided than ever and a break-up of the European Union is no longer inconceivable, says German Vice Chancellor.

Scientists want to give our atmosphere an antacid dose to stop climate change.

The understanding of the ethical, political, and environmental consequences of the modification action is relatively less advanced than our technical abilites.

Knowing how to do something doesn't necessarily make doing it a great idea.

Earth facing a mini-Ice Age starting within ten years due to rare drop in sunspot activity

The sun is heading into an unusual and extended period of hibernation that could trigger a mini-Ice Age on Earth, scientists claim.

Israeli official recorded discussing 'take down' of British MPs

Junior Israeli embassy employee entertains the idea of an anti-Israel MP “hit-list;” calls FM Boris Johnson “an idiot.”

1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate

Unsurprisingly the crowd was largely segregated into men and women with many of the women wearing Islamic clothing.

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